Raised Edging

raised_1_weathered-lawn-edging-seperating-grass-roots-1 Weathered corten lawn edging seperating grass roots
Installations of edging systems that are 10cm or more above the ground height
FormBoss is so much more than a basic lawn edging system. With FormBoss steel garden edging systems you can also create garden beds in any height, shape or colour you desire.
The largest height of edging we sell is 580mm high. This can only be used 100% above the soil level if you are using a circular planter bed under 1500mm diameter (as all the pressure is pushing outwards). For general FormBoss retaining walls of various shapes the maximum height you can achieve above the soil level is 450mm.
See our Installation Guide for Large Edging Profiles.
See our Preservation Guide for Large Edging Profiles.



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