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FormBoss® stands out as Australia's premier modular metal garden edging system.
Innovation at its finest, our products are the top choice for both DIY enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

  • Our garden edging is easy to shape by hand, giving you creative
  • Built to withstand the test of time, ensuring
  • Designed with DIYers in mind, yet adored by
    professionals across the globe
  • Stockists in Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (New South Wales), Perth (Western Australia), Brisbane (Queensland), Darwin (Northern Territory), Adelaide (South Australia) and Hobart (Tasmania)
  • Pre-drilled and meticulously prepared for
    effortless assembly
  • Unmatched simplicity, allowing for hassle-free
    installation with no prior experience or training
  • Cost-effective compared to other garden edgings
    in the market
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Create any
shape you
can imagine!

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Stays in
shape with
guaranteed results.

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Multiple heights,
gauges & finishes.

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Australia wide

Garden edging is a necessary project for any garden bed. Our product is ideal for creating a firm border for raised garden beds, flower beds, lawn edging, tree rings and vegetable planters. Our garden edging ensures all elements in your garden are separated into curves, angles or pretty much any definition you prefer. They also ensure to keep much in place, control grass runners and protect your garden.



Steel Edging


The Durability of Our Steel Garden Edging: The Perfect Balance of Strength and Flexibility

FormBoss® offers a range of steel garden edging systems that are known for their exceptional durability. The edging is made from high-quality steel, ensuring superior strength and longevity. The FormBoss® metal edging system is manufactured using Australian-owned technology since 2005, emphasising its commitment to quality. The steel material used is robust and resistant to environmental factors, providing long-lasting performance even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the steel edging is also flexible, allowing for easy installation in various shapes and contours. This combination of strength and flexibility makes the FormBoss® steel garden edging an ideal choice for any landscaping project that requires durability and versatility.

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“An addiction to gardening is not all bad when you
consider all the other choices in life.”

—Cora Lea Bell

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