REDCOR Weathering Steel

REDCOR® steel, is a cold rolled Australian made weathering steel, developed and made by BlueScope® steel for Australian conditions.

The REDCOR® steel is 100% Australian made by BlueScope® Australia and therefore it marries in beautifully with FormBoss®, as we are also 100% Australian owned and operated.

We have found REDCOR® steel consistent in quality across all sheets as opposed to imported hot rolled steel.

REDCOR® steel is also a lot cleaner to work with compared to the darker looking scaled surface of hot rolled steel which leaves your skin and clothes covered in black soot.

Some imported hot rolled HW350 weathering steel, is very similar to the original US Steel made COR-TEN® steel and is made in Taiwan at an internationally regarded mill.

Most of the imported weathering steel is now however coming from mainland China and is of variable quality and origin.

For example – “Weathering steel alloy Q345GNHL”, is a Chinese produced type of steel that is used by some other edging manufactures that do not offer any guarantee on their products. We have always stood by our 10-year guarantee on any FormBoss® product as we believe in quality and longevity.

Overall, we supply a better-quality product that is 100% Australian made, with a guarantee at around the same price. That’s just the start of many reasons to choose Greenlines FormBoss® Steel Garden Edging system.

Quite simply, the cold rolled BlueScope® REDCOR® steel, lasts much longer than imported hot rolled steel, when used in ground applications.

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