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About Formboss®
[By Greenlines Gardenware Pty Ltd]

(ABN 92 131 965 805)

Our vision: Is for FormBoss® to change the way you think about garden edging. We are constantly focused on innovating and believe in the simple design we have honed over the years, allowing for a painless installation without sacrificing quality.

Our Mission: Is to provide the best advice when it comes to your application of FormBoss®. Our team will endeavour to make sure all your projects reach their full potential. Our safe and professional workplace ensures that all our friendly staff will happily and diligently assist you with any of your queries, be it advice on a project, ideas for your design or a solution to any of your concerns.

Our Values and Ethics: Is to provide a safe, positive and constructive work environment for everyone involved. To look after all of our employee’s personal needs, whatever they may be. To do business with companies that share both our vision and uphold ethical work practices, akin to our own.
Over the last 18 years Greenlines Gardenware has supplied superior edging systems to thousands of happy customers, in fact, we’ve sold over 1000kms of FormBoss® edging! Some projects boast several kilometres of metal garden edging alone!


Gerry Boerlage started our company in 2005, searching for a solution to the current, outdated edging systems available.

What he produced was a simple, yet effective edging system, that boasts high durability and ease of installation. FormBoss® allows you to create clean, uninterrupted lines in your garden. From straight lines, to sweeping curves conforming to any shape you desire, thus enhancing the aesthetic of your garden and improving the value of your property.

Over the last 18 years we’ve kept busy extending our range and broadening scope with distributors and resellers across Australia. We now sell 8 different profile heights, three different gauges, and three different finishes of the same original FormBoss® system. We are no longer a one-man team. Over the past few years our business has grown exponentially, we now boast a team of over a dozen employees that all share and work together in order to see our vision and yours come to fruition.


FormBoss® is proudly Australian owned & manufactured. 
We’ve provided you with a guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. FormBoss™ is guaranteed to stand the test of time, regardless of the metal finish.

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