Round Garden Edging

Pre-made round garden edging rings of all shapes and sizes, great for tree rings, planters and designer gardens.
We frequently create circular planter beds and tree rings for projects in a range of heights and diameters. To have us create a ring for you, select an edging system from our product list, and we’ll quote you on having your ring made to size.
Since the lengths of FormBoss garden edging are 2.44m long, we have standardised sized rings that are the most economic Diameters. One complete length rolled works out to be 777mm diameter. One and a half lengths rolled is a 1165mm diameter. If you’re after a two length circle it works out to be a 1554mm diameter. If you don’t want these set sizes then we will make it up to your specification.
We charge per length rolled, not per circle.
Our rings work out very reasonably priced compared to alternatives.

Diameters we will work with: 500mm through to 3106mm (above 4 lengths is easy to do on site, if having difficulty, check out our rubber forming strip.)

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