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All our lengths are 2.44m.

Redcor steel will arrive a slightly silver, light grey colour. In some cases, it can look very silver making it seem like it is Galvanised or ZAM. To help distinguish between the three see the descriptions below.

  • Galvanised – Silver, distinct speckled design all over the edging
  • ZAM – bright, silver, smooth finish, no speckles, similar finish to stainless Steel
  • REDCOR Steel – Slightly silver appearance, light grey in colour, dark oily residue.

Due to the way we store our lengths (see more information below) we would not be able to pull them apart as they would fuse together.

Natural rust can take a few weeks to a few months to cover the edging. If you do want to rust it faster we recommend a vinegar and water mix as the most naturally effective solution.

Tips for driving self tapping screws into steel:

  • Clamp the pieces together securely.
  • Use impact driver or cordless driver with 8mm Hex head bit
  • Apply firm pressure initially, with a slow rpm, to get the screw to bite
  • Never exceed 3000rpm
  • Pause every few seconds to avoid overheating the screw tip
  • Use a little lubrication on the tip of the screw to avoid overheating (you can use cooking oil)
  • Any excess heat will make the tip of the screw blunt
  • Excess heat will also work-harden the garden edging
  • If above steps do not work, try pre-drilling with good quality 3mm drill bit

With the FormBoss® system, you are drilling through 4 to 5mm thick steel, so please be patient and use the techniques described above.

We supply quality Australian made screws, and are the best performing screws available, but you still need to follow the advice above to achieve the best
result. You may still find a few screws are not up to the task, simply restart a new hole with a fresh screw. We always supply you with a few extra.

FormBoss® is stored with the bottom of a piece of edging slipped inside a second piece of edging, forming what looks (when wrapped up) only 1 length. Your connectors will be delivered the same way.

Included in the price of a length is 1 connector and enough screws to install, see below for correct screw quantity per item.

  • 75mm – 150mm: 2 screws per length, 1 each side of connector to join the length to the connector.
  • 185mm – 580mm: 4 screws per length, 2 each side of connector to join the length to the connector. For added strength add rivets about half way up the edging/connector, silver or copper depending on the finish.
  • Tapered Stakes: 1 screw per stake.
  • Angled stakes: 2 screws per stake.
  • Corner Pieces: 1 connector and 2 screws included with the corner pieces.

We do not supply joins for corners as this creates weak spots in the edging, for the lower profiles (75 – 185mm) we suggest bending the edging to create smooth corners that continue the edging around bends maintaining the strength in the edging. For taller profiles (230-580mm) we recommend purchasing corner pieces. For taller planter boxes we recommend getting FormBoss® to pre-fabricate them from straight lengths, as there will be less joins, making them more secure.

Profiles Normal/ Sandy Soil Clay Soil
75mm 240mm tapered stakes 240mm tapered stakes
100mm 300mm tapered stakes 240mm tapered stakes
150mm 400mm tapered stakes 300mm tapered stakes
185mm 400mm tapered stakes 300-400mm tapered stakes

Profiles Normal/Sandy Soil Clay Soil
230mm 400mm angled stakes 400mm angled stakes
290mm 600mm angled stakes 600mm angled stakes
390mm 800mm angled stakes 600mm angled stakes
580mm 1200mm angled stakes 800mm angled stakes

Rolling into perfect rings can be difficult, which is why we offer a rolling service at head office. Any rings 3106mm diameter (4 lengths) or over can be done on site. If you are creating sweeping curves you will be able to shape down to roughly a 1000mm radius by hand. Using the Rubber Forming Strip will make this easier as it will help stop the edging kinking while shaping it and allow for it to be shaped down closer to an 800mm radius. It slides up under the rolled top to give the edging that extra little bit of strength to help curve, once the edge is the shape you require just take it out and repeat on the next length.

No, the tools required most people will have already have, to help install FormBoss® though we do have install kits that come with items that make installing our edging even easier.
The install kit consists of:

  • 1.2 kilo Rubber Mallet: This sturdy mallet will get your stakes into the ground and can be used to level out the edging.
    NOTE: we do not recommend using a sledge hammer on the edging or stakes as you can damage it. If your soil is hard and you are having trouble putting the stakes in the ground we recommend using a post hole digger for the angled stakes or using a small piece of wood or a spare connector on the top of the stake then a heavier mallet/ dead blow or worst case a sledge hammer to get the stakes in as this will stop/reduce the pressure on the top of the stake which could damage it.
  • Wide Brimmed Vice Grip: Great for keeping the edging and connector or stake together when drilling.
  • Rubber Forming Strip: As mentioned above this will make curving that much earlier and will reduce kinking on tight curves.
  • Tech Screw Drill Bit: Use with your drill to drive the screws in with ease. If you are having a little trouble drilling the screws straight into the edging, you can predrill the edging using a 4.0mm drill bit.
    NOTE: Greenlines recommends using cold galvanised spray on all cuts and drill spots on the galvanised edging as cutting will expose the mild steel under the galvanised coating which will rust if not covered.

Please allow up to 10 business days for all special production, including rings, boxes and custom shapes. We do stock some of our standard sized rings (777mm, 1165mm, 1554mm Ø), please call us to see if the ring you require is on our shelves.
NOTE: 777mmØ rings will arrive closed unless specified, all rings under 1000mmØ can be delivered closed if requested. All rings above this will arrive in sections as they are too large to ship or carry fully formed.

How long your orders will take depends on the quantity of the order and the delivery location.

ZAM has a satin like finish, whereas the galvanized has more of a speckled finish.

ZAM comes with a 15year guarantee, which is 5 more than Gal.

It could take from couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the elements. If there is a lot of rain, it will rust quicker. If there is more sun it will take longer. If you run a hose over it every couple of days that will quicken the process. If you would like to quicken the process even more, use some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the edging. This will help to break down the residual oil coating and begin the rusting process.

Because the edging isn’t really thick, it is not able to stand freely without some of it being in the ground. This is to ensure stability.

FormBoss’s strength comes from a combination of the rolled top lip which is manufactured locally in our warehouse, the staking system and the requirement that it is installed 1/3 into the ground according to our instillation guidelines. Because of these 3 key points, the FormBoss system is not required to be thick, therefor making it extremely user friendly and easy to manipulate onsite when creating shapes.

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