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FormBoss is the market leader of corten steel edging.

Through our cutting-edge craftsmanship and unparalleled quality materials, we provide resilient, rusted steel landscape borders that are not only versatile but also stunning in appearance.

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast looking to enhance your yard’s aesthetic appeal, our innovative solutions cater to every need, ensuring long-lasting results and full satisfaction with each project.

To summarize

1. Cor-ten steel edging is a durable and versatile solution for creating garden borders or landscape edging that boasts minimal maintenance requirements, thanks to its “living finish” characteristic.

2. The use of premium quality materials such as cold-rolled steel makes it resistant to environmental factors like corrosion and chipping while providing an attractive patina finish over time.

3. With customizable shapes, sizes, and installation techniques available – including saw-toothed or angle-cut designs making it easy to shape around curved or irregular garden beds – it offers endless design possibilities for homeowners and landscapers alike.


Understanding Corten Steel Edging

It is a type of garden edging that is made from weathering steel, also known as Cor-Ten.

Definition And Features Of Corten Steel

Weathering steel, also known as Corten steel or COR-TEN steel, is a unique material renowned for its striking appearance and durability. It is crafted by combining copper, phosphorus, silicon, and nickel with carbon steel.

This alloy mixture allows weathering steel to develop a natural protective patina when exposed to the elements.

This remarkable attribute makes weathering steel perfect for various outdoor applications such as garden edging and landscape borders. Its strength enables it to endure extreme temperatures and high winds while maintaining structural integrity over time.

Moreover, the minimal maintenance requirement eradicates the need for regular painting or sealing since its ‘living finish’ continuously regenerates itself.

Benefits Of Using Corten Steel For Edging

Corten steel offers numerous advantages to gardening and landscaping enthusiasts searching for a long-lasting, durable solution for all edging needs. One of the primary benefits is its natural patina that develops over time, providing your garden borders with a rustic, weathered appearance without sacrificing structural integrity.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, corten is renowned for its durability and strength. Cold-rolled steel construction makes it resistant to various environmental factors such as corrosion, chipping, and cracking.

The material’s adaptability allows for straightforward installation in almost any shape or design – including curved and custom bed shapes – perfect for those looking to create attention-grabbing landscapes that differ from traditional edgings.

Various Applications

Corten steel is a highly versatile and desirable option for numerous landscaping applications.

Among the popular uses of it are delineating walkways, distinguishing flower beds from lawns, bordering water features like ponds or fountains, and adding structure to tiered landscapes.

Moreover, this flexible steel edging can be utilized creatively to achieve bespoke shapes or contour around pre-existing elements within your outdoor space.

For example, supple lawn edging can effortlessly create stunning raised planters or attention-grabbing geometric patterns that enhance visual appeal in any setting.

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Installation Process

Installing an edging is an easy and straightforward process that can be accomplished by anyone with basic DIY skills.

You can view it here.

Why Choose FormBoss For Your Corten Steel Edging Needs?

Choose FormBoss for your needs because of our commitment to quality materials and expertise, customization options and design innovation, competitive pricing, and professional installation services.

Quality Materials And Expertise

FormBoss offers only the highest quality materials for its corten steel edging products. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every product we sell is durable, long-lasting and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

We source our steel from trusted suppliers who use cold-rolled steel for optimal rust and corrosion resistance that will maintain a natural patina over time.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our materials – we also offer unparalleled expertise in landscape design through customized solutions and innovative designs catering to individual needs.

Whether you want rustic garden borders or decorative landscaping edges, FormBoss has you covered with flexible steel edging that can be bent into any shape and size desired.

Customization Options And Design Innovation

We can help you create a unique landscaping look thanks to our expertise in garden edging. Whether you’re after saw teeth or hammer-in styles, we offer personalized designs that will complement your garden’s overall theme perfectly.

Our pre-rusted steel boasts an attractive patina finish that looks fantastic against greenery.

Competitive Pricing And Professional Installation Services

For top-notch corten steel edging, look no further than our company. We pride ourselves on offering not only exceptional materials and innovative designs, but also competitive pricing and expert installation services.

At our company, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality garden features without breaking their budget. That’s why we offer wholesale prices for our premium Corten Steel products, catering to both homeowners and landscapers alike.

Rest assured that our professional installation team will ensure a seamless process, tailored to your exact specifications.


Explore our gallery here for inspiring landscaping ideas and see how corten steel edging can elevate your garden design! From rustic borders to sleek modern edges, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any project.

How To Order Corten Edging?

If you’re looking to elevate your landscaping, consider adding corten steel edging to your project. There are plenty of options available, whether you need a standard size or a customized design.

To get started, reach out through our contact us page or ring us on 131137

With high-quality materials and competitive pricing, you can add rustic charm without breaking the bank.

Information On Pricing Edging Products

We offer competitive prices for high-quality corten steel edging products. The cost depends on the product size, shape and customization options selected.


Corten steel edging is a durable and weather-resistant border material that is made from high-strength, low-alloy steel. It develops a unique patina over time that gives it an attractive rusty appearance, adding visual interest to landscapes. Unlike plastic or wood edging materials, Corten steel doesn’t rot or warp with exposure to moisture or temperature changes.

Yes, it can be used in all outdoor environments. It’s ideal for harsh climates as the natural layer formed on the surface acts as a protective coating against corrosion.

It can be installed using simple tools such as a mallet and stakes to hold it in place while backfilling soil around the perimeter of your landscape design project. However, professional installation may be necessary depending on the complexity of your project.. To maintain its appearance you should avoid leaving debris near the edges for too long which could cause staining due to water accumulation.

Some common uses include garden borders/enhancements walkways & retaining walls etc because they create structure and define borders whilst providing aesthetic benefits through their distinctive rust finish appearance even after prolonged exposure outdoors making them perfect for decorative use in landscaping projects such as parks,gardens etc

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